Rainwater Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is becoming more and more popular as population grows and fresh water becomes more and more scarce here in Central Texas. As locals to Central Texas, we need to make make better use out of our storm water than just letting it flood our streams and rivers, erode our soil, and carry pollutants. (A house with a 1,000-square-foot roof can yield about 600 gallons of rainwater from just 1 inch of rainfall” (SAWS). That is a considerable amount of water than can be used to help sustain our day to day needs without having to pay for it. Harvested storm water contains less salts and minerals when compared with city water. Using city water causes causes salt deposits to accumulate on water features, and hinders root growth on plant material. Rain water is much more ideal in the landscape setting for that reason and it can even be purified to drinking water. At Stone Oak Land Design, we can install cisterns capable of holding tens of thousands of gallons of water that can be used to satisfy your landscape’s need as well as your personal drinking and hygiene needs. Contact us today for an estimate on harvesting rain water.

Go to the following links to get an idea how much water your house or commercial building could harvest.